About this blog


Thank you for visiting this site.

I am an airplane pilot (co-pilot) for an airline company.

I started to become a pilot in earnest when I was in college.

I knew almost nothing about the airline industry and pilots until I became a pilot myself.


At that time, the Internet and social networking services were not developed, and I could not freely obtain information as I do now.

Without much information, I chose to take the entrance exam for the Civil Aviation College, obtain my pilot’s license there, and then find a job at an airline company.

After becoming a pilot, I realized that information about the industry is important.

I started this blog in the hopes of sharing that information with aspiring pilots.

This blog contains articles about the airline industry, airplanes, job hunting and recruitment, study methods, and travel information from around the world.

I write about various topics that I can write about because I am a pilot.

If you have any questions, please DM me on Twitter.

Account name: J@パイロット
(User name: @93762741)

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Contents that include personal information such as company names.
Specific contents of regulations and manuals


The highlight of our site! Preparation for the past examinations of the Civil Aviation College

The main feature of this site is the explanation of past questions of the Civil Aviation College.

We hope you will find it useful as a reference as we explain the past General II questions of the Civil Aviation College for the past several years.

In recent years, the first examination has become the most important in the entrance examination for the Civil Aviation College.

In the past, the ratio of the first examination was about 2 times, but now it is about 3 times.

On this site, we explain the past questions of the Civil Aviation College, which are peculiar, in more detail than anywhere else.


The General II questions of the Civil Aviation College are designed to be solved in a short time for those who understand the essence.

There is a trick to solving them.

We do not just solve the problems, but explain how to solve them in the shortest possible time.

By solving in the shortest possible time, you can save time and spend more time on other difficult questions.


In my personal opinion, prep schools are just expensive and a waste of money. The contents of the problems are much easier than those of the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and other universities that are considered difficult.

I would be happy if you could help as many people as possible by referring to the explanations.