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When did you first become attracted to the opposite sex? Since you entered flight school? After you became a pilot?


I’m J.
I work as a pilot in a Japanese company.

I am often told, “You must be popular with women because you are a pilot.”

I often get this kind of question, so I decided to write an article about it.

In such situations, I always try to tell the story of someone I know as “proof rather than argument.

This is the story of a guy I know who became a pilot and became popular with women.

The story of how someone I know became a pilot and became popular with women.

Once upon a time there was a boy who longed to be a pilot.

He was a freshman in college at the time.

He had just entered a four-year national university in Japan.

He had never been popular with women in his life, and he dreamed that he would be popular if he became a pilot.

In his defense, his motivation for wanting to become a pilot was not “to be popular” but purely out of a love of the sky and a desire to be a pilot.

He decided that the best way for him to become a pilot was to go to the Civil Aviation College, and he started to pursue it.

He passed with flying colors.

He was accepted to the Civil Aviation College.

Now he would definitely be popular with women….

Life at the Civil Aviation College

He got into the aviation college of his dreams, but reality is not so sweet.

He is not popular at all.

That’s right.

Even though he is an aviation student, he is still a student.

He has not even found a job yet.

A navigation student is someone who is aiming to become a pilot, not a pilot yet.

And if he fails the exam, there is a possibility that he will not become a pilot.

He thought the opposite: “I’m busy with training right now”.

I’m busy with training and moving to Obihiro(in Hokkaido) and Sendai(in Miyagi), so there’s no point in being popular now. I don’t want a long-distance relationship.

For me right now, it is important to train hard at the Civil Aviation College, get good grades, and join a major airline such as ANA or JAL.

I thought that if I did that, I must be popular.

This would make me put a lot of effort into training and job hunting.

As a result, I was successfully accepted by a major company in Japan.

Worked for a major Japanese airline company

Now, his efforts at the Civil Aviation College have paid off and he has landed a job with a major airline.

My time has finally come.

There is some time before he actually goes to the company.

However, there is no sign of attracting women at all.

Well, it’s still only a matter of getting a job, so let’s wait a little longer.

There is even a saying in Japan, “Those who can’t wait will lose money.

In Japanese airlines, there is a system that even if you join a company as a pilot candidate, you do not start training immediately, but work in some department of the staff for a few years.

He would have preferred to have ground training in a department with a higher percentage of women.

His job department was determined to be the ground staff

After joining the company, I received an assignment order from the company.

They do not immediately begin training to become pilots when they are hired as pilots at a major airline.

They are supposed to do company work in various departments before beginning pilot training.

It was decided that he would train as a ground staff member for a few months to a few years before training input.

The ground staff is a female-dominated workforce.

The ratio is 90% women and 10% men.

If he had joined the company as a pilot trainee and entered such a world, he would have been attracted to women, even if he didn’t want to be.

The result was a dismal failure.

Although he met quite a lot of people, he was completely unattractive.

He thought that the reason he was not popular was because he was still only a pilot candidate.

Trainees are not pilots.

There are many pilots in the airlines.

If I were a woman, I would rather date a pilot than a trainee.

So I am sure that I will be fine when I get promoted to First officer.

My motivation for training is burning brightly.

Promoted to First officer

It was the long awaited training for First Officer promotion.

Training to become a pilot is tough, but for him, it was his dream to fly a jet plane.

He worked hard and was promoted to first officer.

He was promoted to first officer, a position he had dreamed of for a long time, and he was so proud that he was promoted to first officer.
“Now I can work as a pilot for the time being, and I’m sure I’ll be popular with the ladies!”

However, even after his promotion, no one approached him at all.

He approaches airports, but remains poor at approaching women.

In the beginning, I thought it was important to get used to the pilot’s job and that this was about right.

After a few years of thinking that he would eventually be popular with women, the situation did not change in the end.

“I bet I’d be popular if I became a captain”

He reminded himself that he must be a captain to be popular.

Even a pilot is not a full-fledged pilot until he or she becomes a captain.

The captain has all the responsibility and authority.

A first officer, on the other hand, has no authority.

After all, the captain is cooler than the first officer.

With this in mind, he is working hard every day to become a captain.

Judging from his work, it won’t be long before he becomes a captain.


In my opinion, I don’t think titles or professions have anything to do with being popular or unattractive.

I have not told him this….

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